Denny LeCroy
Senior Pastor

Having grown up in the church and having worked with the teens and the bus ministry for a number of years as an associate pastor (and even prior to becoming associate pastor), Denny knows both the people in the church and the people in the community very well. As such, he has a heart for them to come to know the Lord and then to grow in Him.


Matt Young
Youth Pastor

Having grown up in an evangelist’s home, Matt understands the challenges of the ministry and the needs of people. He also worked as a bus caption while getting his Evangelism degree in Bible College so he understands many issues that people deal with as well as how to use the Bible to address those issues. He loves our teens and our teens love him.


Darryl LeCroy
Minister of Music

Having grown up at New Life, Darryl is familiar with the people of the church and of the community and has a heart for them and for the Lord. He also has a love for music and he desires to direct the church’s focus toward music that glorifies God.

Brother Norman

Norman LeCroy
Pastor Emeritus

Brother Norman was our pastor from the church’s founding (when it was called Sanie Baptist) until a few years ago when he assumed the role of Pastor Emeritus. He has faithfully served his Lord, church and community and we recently honored him for 50 years of service. Over the years he has seen the church grow from just a handful of families with a handful of ministries where he was intimately involved in every ministry, to a work where many others have taken the lead on many of the ministries. Though much has changed since he became pastor, one thing has not: his love for the Lord and his love for people.