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Mark YOUR Calendar

  • March 5 (3:00 PM) – Sara Grace/Zach Wedding Shower 
  • March 5 (6:00 PM) – Teen Service 
  • March 25 (3:00 PM) – Elise/Brett Wedding
  • April 2 – Sunday School Night (Sunday School classes meet in small groups)
  • April 9 – Easter Service 
  • April 21 – Ladies Meeting 
  • April 23 – Evangelist Dave Corn in both services
  • April 27-28 – Evangelist Dave Corn – “Illusion show” 


We are a Bible Believing, Independent Baptist church in Odenville, Alabama and we seek to minister to people’s hearts using traditional hymns and expository Bible preaching. Our goal as a Church is to provide a place where your faith can be strengthened, your family can be helped, and you can enjoy fellowship with other believers.

We believe that God provides a clear plan in the Bible to establish a personal relationship with Him through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. We would love to help you find that relationship with Him! It is our sincere desire that you would visit our Church and consider becoming a part of our church family.

We hope to see you soon!


Are you sure that you would go to heaven if you die? If you are not, we encourage you to settle it before it is too late!