What Is the School of the Bible? 

The Central Alabama School of the Bible is a Bible training program that helps believers to expand their understanding of the Bible and to be equipped for ministry in the local church. The school is designed for members and workers in local churches, including deacons, Sunday School teachers, youth and children’s workers, Bible study leaders, and many others who simply desire to deepen their Bible knowledge and increase their effectiveness in serving the Lord.  


Upon completion of the School of the Bible program, students will be able to: 
1) Explain the overall structure of the Bible and the themes of each book
2) Engage in personal Bible study using proper methods of interpretation
3) Speak to others about their faith in Christ and show others the way of salvation
4) Provide biblical answers concerning key subjects of Bible doctrine
5) Teach others the purpose and mission of the New Testament church
6) Employ effective methods in teaching the Word of God to others
7) Follow biblical principles in establishing a Christian home that is honoring to Christ 


$20 per course ($60 per semester to take all three courses). This cost includes the course notebook but not the optional textbook. 

Meeting Times 

Fall classes are held September through November and Spring classes are held January through April. Classes meet on Monday evenings from 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM. 

Course Location 

Classes will be held at New Life Baptist Church, located at 1405 Simpson Road in Odenville, Alabama. 

Admission Requirements

1) Adult students of all ages are invited to enroll in the School of the Bible. Also, high school students who are in their Junior or Senior year are welcomed to participate.
2) No previous educational experience or credential is required of students. Enrollment is open to all who have a desire to learn more of God’s Word and to be further trained to serve in God’s work. 

Graduation Requirements

1) Students must complete all twelve courses offered through the School of the Bible in order to graduate and earn a Biblical Studies Certificate.
2) A student is considered to have earned credit for a course by his/her consistent attendance and participation in the class. A student receives credit for a class when he/she is in attendance not less than ten (10) of the twelve (12) class sessions. 

Student Notebooks 

Included in the cost of each course is a beautifully-prepared Student Notebook. The Student Notebooks contain the following:
1) A weekly instructional schedule
2) A listing of recommended textbooks and reading assignments for each class
3) Notes for each week’s lesson
4) Designated space for the students to write additional notes as the lesson is taught
5) Scripture memory charts and other charts that are needed to accompany each lesson
6) A listing of other recommended books and resources 


For each of the twelve courses in the School of the Bible, a textbook is recommended in addition to the Student Notebook. Textbook acquisition is not mandated, but is strongly recommended to provide the student supplemental reading and instruction, and also to aid the student in building a personal Bible resource library. Textbooks are available through many outlets including the Crown Bookshop (1-877-MY-CROWN).  

Course Schedule 

Fall Semester 
SB101 Personal Evangelism
SB102 Survey of the Old Testament I 
SB103 Basic Bible Doctrines I

Spring Semester
SB201 Method of Bible Study
SB202 Survey of the Old Testament II
SB203 Basic Bible Doctrines II 

Fall Semester
SB301 Teaching the Bible
SB302 The Christian Home
SB303 Survey of the New Testament I 

Spring Semester
SB401 Survey of the New Testament II
SB402 The New Testament Church
SB403 The Life of Christ

For more information about the School of the Bible in general including more information about all classes offered, please visit http://thecrowncollege.com/schoolofthebible/.

For more information about the Central Alabama School of the Bible, including registering to attend, please contact Denny LeCroy, the Associate Pastor at New Life Baptist Church, at (205) 629-5788.