Our history

Sanie Baptist
Sanie Baptist Church

In July of 1972, Norman LeCroy was called as pastor of Sanie Baptist Church on Sanie Road in the small rural community of Sanie, Alabama. There were only five families in the church when Pastor LeCroy became pastor, but he and the church family had a heart for people and the church saw much growth during the years that followed.

The church building itself had once been a one room schoolhouse and, though the church did not own the building, it had been stated in the deceased owner’s will that the building would remain a church or school as long as one was actively meeting in the building. This was a blessing to the small church family as there was no rent or loans associated with the building and the building itself was a well known landmark in the community. The church was able to acquire two busses and start a bus ministry, additional classrooms and a nursery were built downstairs, and a small trailer was purchased to provide additional nursery and classroom space.

Soon, however, it was evident that the building was too small for the growing congregation and more room was desperately needed. Since there was insufficient property to expand the church, a search was begun for a new location. In 1983 the church bought ten acres at 1405 Simpson Road in the nearby town of Odenville. With this acquisition, plans for a new building were drawn up and ground was broken on the new property.

During the next two years the congregation saw the building slowly taking shape. Since the church would no longer be in the Sanie community, it was decided to rename the church when it moved to its new location. Many names were suggested and, when a vote was taken, the congregation overwhelmingly chose the name “New Life Baptist Church.” In 1985 the building was completed, dedication services were held, and the church family officially and completely moved to its new location.

In 1995, the building was further expanded to include additional classrooms, a small efficiency apartment for visiting missionaries, a larger children’s church/teen area, and an activity center for fellowships and social events. This expansion was done without incurring any additional debt and the church is now completely debt free.

In May of 2012, Norman LeCroy retired as senior pastor and became Pastor Emeritus. The church then extended the call to assistant pastor Denny LeCroy (Norman LeCroy’s son) who became our Senior Pastor.

New Life Baptist still has a heart for people. Our bus ministry continues to grow, many new ministries have begun, and more missionaries are being taken on as the Lord allows. We rejoice in all that the Lord has done, and continues to do, in and through us. 

We invite you to come and be a part of us as we worship our Lord and seek His will.